HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 Portable Latest [Crack] Free Download

HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 Portable Latest [Crack] Free Download

HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 (Hardware Info) is a collection of professional equipment information and diagnostic tools supporting latest elements, industry technologies, and requirements. These tools are designed to gather and show the quantity that is maximum of approximately your PC/laptop hardware. Therefore, this software is useful for many who need to search for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrator and experts that are technically well.

HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360

The info retrieved by HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 is presented in a logical and easily understandable type and are exported (saved) in several various kinds of reports such as Text, HTML or XML format.The setup procedure is the fast and easy task that does not require attention that is special. At startup, you can set HWiNFO 5.70 Build 3300 to show just sensors or only the summary. You could also enter the settings panel from this area.

More About:

HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 Portable (free) must be your tool of choice if you want to give your personal computer. This system information utility scans your PC and shows an amount that is incredible of data about it, as well as the items plugged into it. HWInfo64 lacks PC Wizard’s benchmarking tools, but its abundant results, useful data widget, and system that is real-time make it an application you should install. HWiNFO Portable is our Editors’ solution for Windows system information utilities. I reviewed the version that is 64-bit. However, a 32-bit version (called HWInfo32) is also available.

Loading a while may be taken by all products. They are organized in a tree view where you can access information related to your processor that is central motherboard, memory, bus, video clip adapter, monitor, drives audio, network and ports.

Since installation is not necessary, you can store the HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 For Windows on a device that is external plug it into any computer and directly runs its executable file. What is more important would be the fact that your Windows registry entries will remain interface that is intact.The of a system is straightforward and intuitive. Upon initialization HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 x64 automatically check updates online. Also, you can view an operational system summary. Consequently, you can find out information when it comes towards the processor that is main motherboard memory, bus, monitor, drives, sound, network, and ports.


HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360

HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360

Key Features:

  • Processor brand name, frequency, number of cores and rational CPUs, platform, thermal design power, MTRRs, bus kind, maximum and current clock rate, and also the L1 and L2 cache size; also shown supported features, such as MMX technology, street address extension, self-snoop, and others
  • Processor brand name, frequency, number of the cores and rational CPUs, platform, thermal design power, MTRRs, bus kind, maximum and current clock rate, and also the L1 and L2 cache size; also shown supported features, such as MMX technology, street address extension, self-snoop, and others
  • Number of open and utilized motherboard slots, the motherboard’s brand name model and name quantity, the supported USB version quantity (like v3.0), its chipset, and a listing of ACPI products
  • BIOS information, such as the manufacturer, the release date, and text amount. Also shows BIOS features, like ISA/MCA/EISA/PCI help and when you’ll boot from the disc or USB unit
  • Processor manufacturer, version, present and clock that is maximum, voltage, and socket designation
  • General motorist and information details for serial, parallel, and USB ports
  • Some open memory slots left on the motherboard, the maximum supported size/speed/voltage of a memory module, maximum and cache that is set up, present SRAM kind, serial number, module width and SPD revision number, a module’s supported burst lengths, and the number of module banks
  • Video chipset information, such as for example the memory and codename; video clip card details, like its bus, BIOS version, and chipset revision number; performance data, such as processor and memory rate, coach width, and full range of unified shaders; and driver information, such as for instance its manufacturer, version number, date, and-and instance ID

More About:

  • Live activity and temperature monitor for the Central Processing Unit, hard drive, motherboard, network card, graphics card, and RAM. Can also actively log this data to a CSV file
  • Detailed monitor information, including general data, such as the name, serial number, date of manufacture, and hardware ID; screen information, just like the optimum vertical and horizontal size and frequency, and the maximum pixel clock; along with the supported video clip modes and DPMS modes
  • Floppy, internal, external, and drive that is the disk, like model numbers, serial numbers, capacities, drive geometry, transfer modes, and features; disc drive information details the sort of hits they can read and compose to, like CD-R, DVD+R, etc.
  • Sound motorist and adapter features, such as for instance the equipment id, code, and driver version
  • General network information, such as the MAC address, driver details, and vendor description; additionally included could be the adapter’s capabilities, like its speed that is maximum and size

New Features?

  • System health monitoring (Thermal, Voltage, Fan, Power)
  • Comprehensive equipment information of your personal computer
  • Table, Logfile, Graph, Tray, Device, LG LCD reporting
  • Text, CSV, XML, HTML, MHTML report formats
  • Frequent updates
  • Available as SDK (custom client)
  • Third party add-ons (Rainmeter plug-in, Samurize plug-in, Sidebar device to display any sensor value, LCDHost plug-in, Mini WebServer, RivaTuner/MSI Afterburner/EVGA Precision On-Screen show, HWiNFOMonitor Sidebar Gadget graphs which can be including bars, etc.)
  • More significantly, nevertheless, HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 Free is more stable than PC Wizard and Speccy: No error messages, no crashes.

All-Around Best

Computer Wizard and Speccy are solid apps that offer you with significant PC information, but I preferred HWInfo64 due to its security, data widget, and system monitoring that is real-time. The competing programs are no slouches, but the HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 that is free a multifaceted champ, and that’s what makes it PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for Windows system information utilities.

What’s New In HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360?

  1. Added support for ITE IT8655E LPC.
  2. Added sensor table line shading.
  3. Additional fan speed monitoring on ASUS X75 series notebooks.
  4. Enhanced support of Intel Coffee Lake.
  5. Added support for NVMe drives in Intel RST RAID mode.
  6. Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI Ryzen mainboards.
  7. The fixed capability was reporting for drives with additional than 512B sector size that is logical.
  8. A raised number that is the maximum of monitored machines to 50.
  9. Added AMD Ryzen logo.
  10. Enhanced sensor monitoring on some ASUS X370 and B350 series mainboards.
  11. Enhanced sensor monitoring on some GIGABYTE X370 and B350 series mainboards.
  12. Improved appearance of transparent sensor tray icons.
  13. Fixed detection of the some On Semi/ASUS EPU2 sensors.
  14. Bug Fixes and other improvements


  • A lot of system information. Real-time system monitoring. Useful, easy-to-read information widget. Stable. Free.
  • View a summary that is one-page
  • An easy task to read and navigate through
  • Detailed results
  • Create a report that is full of
  • Export a report of select devices
  • Copy results that are unique to this program
  • Can do more with optional HWiNFO extensions
  • DOS version available
  • Portable version available
  • Releases program updates often


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HWiNFO 5.74 Build 3360 Free Download combines an abundance of information and real-time monitoring in a free, stable system information utility that tinkerers should download.

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